REDORANGE INDUSTRY is your industrial supplier for components and spare parts.

We can supply you with regular products, End of Life items, Specials and more items. From Standard to Specials, where Specials are our standard.

The services of RedOrange Industry can be divided into 3 segments:

  • 1. Orderdesk; Sourcing of hard-to-get items, specials, end of life, etc.
  • 2. Managed Supply; Handling of quotes, one-time suppliers and other requisitions which RedOrange Industry (RO-I) will manage on your behalf.
  • 3. Stock Supply; Delivery of catalog items of multiple brands where the conditions for our clients are very competitive.

RedOrange Industry

  • Connect suppliers and controls your tailspend
  • Purchases and Delivers WorldWide
  • Cover your needs for European, American and Asian components and spare parts from the areas of electronic components, hydraulic, pneumatic, industrial and automation technology.
  • Is a solution provider
Our goals is to provide our customers with 100% service and try to offer all RFQ's within 48 hours. Please test our performance.