About RedOrange Industry

RedOrange Industry (RO-I) focuses as Industrial supplier on delivering parts to our customer. We combine a procurement provider with,a wholesaler. We supply technical goods. Examples are: Mechanical and Electrical products, ICT, Audio and Video,related items, Measurement and Control and specific OEM products. With over 8000 partners we can supply everything.

Supplier reduction:

RedOrange Industry: 1 supplier for all industrial items
From standard to special, where specials are our standard

Many of our customers deal with various suppliers for products like breakers, contactors, sensors, waste containers and fasteners. The result of many vendors is that you spend a lot of time negotiating, comparing and cont(r)acting these requests. Imagine that you have one supplier who does this for you: RedOrange Industry. We search, find, negotiate, offer and deliver 100%. Where and when you want it.

Your Advantages: 1 Order, 1 Invoice, 1 Delivery of all goods. So you save a lot on process and also on product cost. Curious? Try us by sending us a Request for Quotation

Process Simplification and Product Saving:

With 1 supplier the Purchasing Process will become more simple than ever. We search, find, negotiate and supply. Even if the product is not yet in our database or if it concerns a on off purchase. By combining our customers demands we are able to give you the best product prices, which are often better than that an individual customer could reach by itself. Our prices are based upon a fixed additional fee. This means that onetime orders for oa. service, repair, courses and training are being handled for a fixed fee. This includes Non-classified suppliers or suppliers who ask for advance payment This means: more speed in the process, more flexibility and less (system) pressure.

Specials are our standard: 100% service and delivery

Technical procurement is our core business. We search on a daily basis for the best sources for all parts to provide our Marine, Industrial and Traffic customers with the best service. We are independent and can supply all brands and all specs. We are a total industrial supplier for all industrial and facility products. So also for that OEM spare parts, an (obsolete) contactor, a new of refurbished PLC module, or a Visilynx power supply, etc. Where another supplier stops, RedOrange Industry keeps on going.